Western Barbastelle bat by C Robiller Naturlichter via Wikimedia Commons

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Bats (Chiroptera) and their roosts are protected by law.

If bats or suspected roosts are found on your site, in most cases, you should be able to avoid harming the bats or damaging their roosts by adjusting your planned work. If you can’t avoid disturbing them or damaging their habitats, you will require a licence from Natural England. If you need to apply for planning permission, your planning authority should check you’re taking the right steps to avoid harming them, which usually starts with a survey.

Preliminary Roost Assessment

Pippistrelle bat by Barracuda1983 via Wikimmedia Commons

A daytime internal and external inspection to determine whether bats, evidence of their activity and suitable roosting locations are absent from site.

Stage 2 Surveys

Brown Long Eared Bat by Joxerra Aihartza via Wikimedia Commons

Dusk & dawn surveys for sites known to have bats, or where the presence of bats can't be ruled out by a Preliminary Roost Assessment; in order to confirm presence/absence, characterise a roost, or measure activity.