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An Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) fulfils the role of on-site ecological advisor who monitors construction activities and provides independent advice on the avoidance of risk and impact. Local authorities and statutory bodies will often make an ECoW a condition to planning consents for works that otherwise may be restricted due to potential ecological and environmental risk.

The role of an ECoW is to facilitate development, foreseeing issues and offering advice to minimise delays. Non-compliance with legislation, planning conditions or EPS licenses can result in long delays, heavy fines and even custodial sentences. An ECoW will ensure full legal compliance for protected species and habitats, and compliance with all planning conditions therefore preventing delays and fines.

Some of the duties an ECoW might typically undertake are:

- Topsoil removal e.g. watching brief as part of reptile or newt translocations

- Destructive searches of buildings e.g. as part of bat EPS licensing

- Protected Species handling and relocation (including bats, newts and reptiles)

- Vegetation clearance (e.g. supervision to avoid nesting birds)

- Habitat creation and management (including pond and grassland creation)

- Landscape profiling, planting and maintenance e.g. watching brief during

- Watercourse management

- Practical advice on mitigation to minimise the impact of works

- Advice and support in licensed European Protected Species projects

- Ecological auditing of/implementation of conditions and licences.

Your on-site Ecologist will provide, where required:

- Toolbox talks

- Inductions

- Site Training