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Here at Midland Ecology we work with you, our clients, to develop and implement successful mitigation and compensation strategies which enable you to move your development forward in an environmentally-responsible way. Through these strategies we ensure that consents (such as planning permission and European Protected Species Licences) are successfully obtained and adhered to, and that the biodiversity interests are maintained or enhanced, therefore ensuring the survival of protected species.

All of our practices are in line with current legislation and best practice guidelines.

If your work will unavoidably disturb protected species or damage their habitats you will need a mitigation plan to show how impacts will be minimised.

Our mitigation plans are designed to:

- conserve the species population and distribution in the short term

- enhance the population in the medium to long term

- consider how other species could be affected by the mitigation

Mitigation measures may include:

- building artificial homes such as swift boxes and invertebrate log-piles

- management planning, such as retention of areas of relaxed mowing, to provide foraging for bats and butterflies

- the re-creation of bat roosts

If your work will unavoidably disturb protected species or damage their habitats you will need a compensation plan to show how you’ll compensate for this.

Our compensation plans aim to:

- make up for any damage or disturbance to protected species

- make sure there’s no net loss of habitat

- provide a better habitat if significant damage is predicted

- replace any lost connections between habitats

Compensation measures may include:

- habitat creation/restoration

- translocation (e.g. for reptile and newts)